Brand, Turn On!



Project Info

The "Blur" project was created in a flow of inspiration based on diversity, freedom, tech, and fashion shifts during last up to 5 years. This was a an e-commerce fetching project. BrandOn Digital Inc. created branding & web design work for the brand. Blur is a fashion brand that produces tech unisex clothing with a mission to fulfill a need for bloggers in beautiful life on-a-go. Bloggers, who always want to look extraordinary, relaxed in motion, and feel a care touch of quality materials on their skin. Now bloggers don't need to be prepared. They can fly, jump, swim, run, dream. The oversized fit can enhance the look for everyone and it is easy to mix & change clothing while creating a content. The online store offers both purchasing and rent, which simplifies the life of brand's customers.

Challange Accepted

During brand strategy session, it was uncovered that brand has a very specific target audience - bloggers. The brand specializes in supplying bloggers with outfits for their daily trips, photo&video shoots. Also, the clothing can be both purchased or rent. First of all, such a specific and interesting target audience gives an opportunity to distinct the brand on competitive landscape by simply creating a micro-niche inside a bigger niche and become remarkable as e-commerce store for bloggers. Secondly, the rent service brand is providing left us with space for imagination to make a brand remarkable on a market. It can be called a virtual immersive online store for bloggers.

New Brand Vibe

After analyzing the core nature of the brand, their strives, their ideas, their freedom spirit, we came up with some thoughts and reflections. As it is a unisex brand, we created this idea of blurriness, which can be seen in both naming and visual identity. Extraordinary is a key feature for bloggers. The art direction for this e-commerce website was based on representing the lifestyle of bloggers, their true life, and their desire to outrage people. The teal half-translucent colour works for the brand as base. The secondary sunset-pink colour has a sense of masculine & feminine unity as well as contrast in typography. Talking about all the bright touch colours - they will add on the meaning of colourful blogger's life. Art helped us to complete this look & feel. Our studio also created for the brand templates with visual art elements to layer new product's photos for website and social media in a future use.


BrandOn Digital created an e-commerce website with extraordinary features, likewise the brand target audience is. Firstly, a built-in virtual fitting-room option on a product description page. This was done to economize bloggers time and to simplify the experience of dressing-up, choosing looks. Secondly, a built-in Instagram gallery as an option for bloggers to add their looks straight from their posts, which is a part of digital marketing strategy. For this feature, we additionally created presets with art elements for layering photography. Or, users can simply use a teal marker to highlight their accents in outfit look. This function will grow the interest of users as part of interactivity. And for the third feature, we involved stylists that help to build smart strategy on recommendations users see on a product page. They help to analyze how to mix clothing pieces with each other, so we can create a better filters. Talking about the user interface, we did use some transparency to reflect the art as part of the design. Also, we implemented abstractionism to represent bloggers interests.


Project View

Summary & Feelings

The process of creating this fascinating project left us with inspiration for other works and afterthoughts. It was insightful to learn how to build some things in unexpected spots, about gripping ways for brands to interact with their customers, and about how to share emotions through a virtual fitting-rooms:) Blur is retranslating the bloggers world on a single website. Brands can engage with audience deeper by simply by adding interesting functionality and features to the website. The biggest takeaway was that the are no limits of what can be implemented and how brands can use it to create a lovemark environment on the internet. We are already half way in the immersive future.